Beauty as a positive force:
For you. For the planet.

Preserve naturalness

Our planet needs us now more than ever. That is why it is important for us to work to preserve it. And that’s exactly what we do with every treatment – and you help too. Because after every treatment, part of your money goes to our partner GrowMyTree, which plants trees worldwide where the social and ecological impact is greatest.

Trees bind CO2 and release oxygen. In this way, they clean the air and effectively combat climate change. We are convinced that together we can change our world and improve lives.

Bäume gemeinsam pflanzen

Leading the way with responsibility

Since our opening in summer 2022, we have made a conscious decision to become climate neutral. The company ClimatePartner helps us with this. They support over 6000 companies worldwide in their climate protection strategies for CO2 neutrality. In fall 2023, we were certified as a company by them for the first time.

And we are proud of that.

Measures at GoAesthetic

  • Saving resources

    100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources. We generate a small proportion of this ourselves using photovoltaic solar cells.

  • CO2-saving

    Thanks to the sustainable planting of trees, we neutralize the entire annual CO2 emissions of a small family. This corresponds to over 1000 trees per year.

  • Energy-saving

    The Botox we use does not require refrigeration during transportation and storage – so it saves a lot of CO2 compared to other products.

GoAesthetic Engagement für das Klima