Hyaluronic injections in Vienna

Look young longer! With hyaluronic acid injections, you don’t give incipient wrinkles a chance.

  • Natural compensation for lost facial volume

  • Face lifting by filling up your hyaluronic acid depots

  • Harmonious definition of your contours for a natural facial dynamic

Befrei dich von Falten mit Hyaluronsäure



Intervention duration

10-20 minutes

Visible effect

6-12 months

Recommended treatment



0-1 day

Pain (0-10)


Trees planted

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Written & medically reviewed by:

Why patients opt for wrinkle injections
with hyaluronic acid at GoAesthetic in Vienna

Did you know that at the age of 40 we have only half of our hyaluronic acid reserves? The consequences: Tension and elasticity decrease, so that thin wrinkles become deep furrows. Additionally, as you age, your facial fat pads will disappear. Lose fat without much effort? Sounds good, but it’s not! Because on the face it leads to sagging cheeks and pronounced nasolabial and marionette wrinkles. Reasons enough why the number of hyaluronic injections is increasing from year to year. But why might treatment make sense at an early age?

For whom is a hyaluronic wrinkle injection

If you start getting rid of fine wrinkles in your late 20s, you’ll have a better chance of enjoying smooth skin by the time you’re 40. And the fear of having to inject more every year is absolutely unfounded. Because when used correctly, hyaluronic acid has enough time to break down in your skin and unfold its effect. So start early and keep your most natural look as long as possible.

Lippen und Gesicht verschönern durch Hyaluronsäure

“Hyaluronic acid injections bring your youth back to your face! Men also benefit from it: because by emphasizing the chin line, they are perceived as much more attractive.” Dr. Peter Herndlhofer

Naturally beautiful with hyaluronic acid:
How often do I have to inject hyaluron?

Who wants mask-like faces that look petrified or even sprayed on after treatment? No one. That’s why the motto “less is more” is absolutely right at a younger age. Natural and harmonious results are already possible after one injection. Of course, depending on the desired treatment, different amounts of hyaluron are needed. Because a chin augmentation requires more than harmonizing the nasolabial fold.

The results after the injections are visible immediately and last between 4 months and 1 year, depending on the hyaluronic acid. The duration depends largely on the product and the treated region. You want to know more? You will learn more in the next section.

How does injecting with hyaluron work?

With our hyaluronic acid preparations, we give your skin the freshness and tone to create a youthful feeling of well-being. Our secret for a harmonious result: depending on the expression of your facial wrinkles, to administer a hyaluronic acid with the appropriate concentration and strength into the right skin depth. The colloquial strength of hyaluronic acid is primarily determined by its viscosity. Because the more viscous the hyaluronic acid is, the more lifting power it has to smooth out your wrinkles.

At GoAesthetic, we use 6 different hyaluronic acid products to individually address your facial anatomy as well as your treatment preference. Expertise & experience are crucial in making the right choice. From face lifting to wrinkle smoothing, we preserve the youthful freshness of your face with the universal properties of hyaluronic acid. Convince yourself!

Your advantages of a treatment with hyaluronic acid at GoAesthetic

Low pain

Hyaluronic acid preparations with anesthetic for gentle treatment.


Preserving your natural facial expressions is our top priority.

Highly effective

Results for 12 – 18 weeks, so you can enjoy it longer.


High safety standard due to quality products from Merz, IBSA and FILLMED Laboratoires tested over many years.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable impact – more than 4 trees are planted per treatment.

Hyaluronic injections: experiences of our customers

Hyaluronic acid injection treatment procedure

  • Arrange appointment

    Make your consultation appointment online now.

  • Medical consultation

    We will discuss your treatment goals and wishes together on site. Likewise, we need to address your individual facial anatomy to achieve natural results. Because not every wish is feasible for every person.

  • Photo documentation

    Smile please! We take photos to have a comparison for your future treatment success.

  • Preparation

    After thorough disinfection, we will rid you of superfluous wrinkles by injecting hyaluronic acid filler. Good news: we use fillers with anesthetic. If possible, we will numb the treated area with an injection beforehand so that you hardly feel anything during the treatment.

  • Treatment

    The injection lasts between 2 – 10 minutes, depending on the desired treatment. You can enjoy the results, which are usually visible immediately, for 6 – 18 months, depending on the treatment area and the depth of the wrinkles.

Important info about the treatment:

Strahlend junges Lächeln durch Hyaluronsäure-Unterspritzung

What do you need to consider?

Before treatment:

  • No active inflammation in the area being treated (e.g.: acne, cold sores). If you are prone to fever blisters, we will prophylactically prescribe you a medication 2 days before.

  • Blood-thinning medications should be paused (Attention: Before doing so, be sure to consult with your family doctor or us).

  • We do not perform hyaluronic acid treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding – at that time there are more important things than individual wrinkles.

After treatment:

  • Cool the affected areas for 5-10 minutes.

  • No excessive sports for at least 2 days.

  • Avoid strong, direct sun exposure as well as tanning beds for a few days.

  • 1 week break for steam bath and sauna visitors.

  • No massages or cosmetic treatments on the face for 10 days.

Any questions? Our FAQ section cannot replace a consultation, but it should give you some initial guidance.

A hyaluronic injection with 1 ml of hyaluronic acid costs 320 euros – regardless of the type of wrinkle. For face lifting or volume building, we use several milliliters of hyaluronic acid depending on the face, and the price for 1 ml is cheaper in this case.

On average, your wrinkles will disappear for 6 to 18 months. But you must know: The depth of wrinkles, the hyaluronic acid filler chosen, the desired treatment and also your natural face shape play an important role in the duration of the effect. Hence the wide margin in the duration of action.

Depending on your desired changes, theoretically anywhere. But: it doesn’t make the same amount of sense for all parts of the face, because sometimes there are more effective treatment approaches against wrinkles in certain regions. See how to fight wrinkles on the forehead with Botox. We will be happy to tell you more about this on site.

The treatment, including cleaning, disinfection, anesthesia and injection, lasts about 10-15 minutes. We take just as much time for the consultation as well as explanation before the hyaluronic acid injection. Because discussing your personal ideas is immensely important for the success of the treatment.

All in all, hyaluronic acid injections are a safe treatment in the right hands – but even we don’t have Superman X-ray vision to see every tiny blood vessel. The consequence: Small bruises at the injection site for a short time are possible. In addition, your face may appear slightly swollen, but this will disappear just as soon.

Any other questions about fillers and hyaluronic acid?

Only physicians are allowed to inject hyaluronic acid in Austria. Unfortunately, we keep seeing clients who have already been injected where there is no evidence of medical staff working. Risks of the treatment are often concealed. And sometimes even fillers are used that do not meet the medical standard. Please remember: Medical knowledge is a prerequisite to minimize the risk of complications and to achieve a harmonious result!

This depends on the number of facial regions treated. Furthermore, not every wrinkle can be treated with Botox AND hyaluron. This means that most of the time, one method is more effective than another in smoothing out your desired wrinkles. We will be happy to advise you on this on site or, if possible, by e-mail.

To answer this question, you need to tell us about your wishes beforehand. Face lifting, wrinkle smoothing or skin rejuvenation – depending on the type of treatment, we use different hyaluronic acid products. They all come from Europe (Germany, Switzerland and France) and are produced by companies that have decades of experience with hyaluronic acid fillers.

This is a hotly debated question. It is important to us to use a safe, fully absorbable filler with pleasant treatment comfort (keyword: local anesthetic effect) and long-lasting effect. And it is precisely these properties that the hyaluronic acid product family from Merz, Teoxane and Fillmed Laboratories possesses. Did you know that the unique CPM technology of Merz fillers allows for natural tissue integration? This is because the distribution behavior is identical to that of the body’s own hyaluronic acid.

More questions? Simply make a personal consultation appointment online.


Last updated: 31.08.2023