Legs like in your youth – without spider veins & Co.

Get flawless legs like Marylin Monroe by making unwanted varicose veins disappear in an instant.

  • Feel a bit more youthful again

  • Prevent phlebitis & thrombosis through early treatment

  • Enjoy the freedom to show leg without hesitation

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2 weeks

Intervention duration

20-40 minutes

Visible effect

6-24 months

Recommended treatment




Pain (0-10)



from 190€

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Written & medically reviewed by:

Written & medically reviewed by:

Spider veins – a purely aesthetic problem?

Are you bothered by fine, visible blood vessels on your legs? If so, did you know that these bluish-red vessels are the first visible signs of venous insufficiency are? In medicine we call them spider veins. The problem: spider veins often turn into varicose veins over time. And these in turn can lead to phlebitis and thrombosis if left untreated. Such vein problems often come to light sooner or later. But just imagine: We make them disappear in seconds.

Preventing venous insufficiency – what really helps?

For beautiful, well-groomed legs most do a lot: care creams, hair removal, fitness exercises or anti-cellulite products. However, the fine veins remain. We can remove your unwanted guests with procedures that have been tried and tested for years, to give your legs back their youthful skin appearance after just a few treatments.

Before we start, we will perform an ultrasound of your veins so that broken venous valves can be ruled out as the cause of spider veins. Because otherwise they will come back immediately.

Schöne Beine durch das Entfernen von Krampfadern

“We know: Up to 70% of all adult women have spider veins and many also suffer from them. Reasons are a dime a dozen – wrong lifestyle habits, genetics or simply getting older.”

How varicose veins or spider veins develop

Veins have valves that allow your blood to flow toward your heart and prevent it from flowing back. The problem: When the veins lose their function, sooner or later this leads to visible varicose veins and spider veins. And if left untreated, this favors the development of thrombosis and phlebitis. The good news is that this, too, can be treated. But how does it work?

Say goodbye – Remove spider veins

During treatment, we obliterate the affected vein by injecting a special foam directly into the vessel. Wrinkles and other skin changes on your legs will remain unchanged, but spider veins and varicose veins can be treated effectively. Because tens of studies have proven that up to 90% of fine, visible veins disappear due to the foam. The trick: A special foam solution causes the inner walls of the veins to react with each other, causing them to stick together within seconds. After that, your body does the rest. It breaks down the broken veins and makes them disappear from your skin.

Curious? Now it’s your turn, make an appointment online right now and beautify legs!

Why should you come to us for spider veins removal?


Surgical expertise in the treatment of varicose veins

Control appointment

Included control appointment for an improvement of the aesthetic result

Highly effective

Diagnostics by means of high-resolution ultrasound for the detection of venous insufficiency


High safety standard due to quality products from Kreussler tested over many years

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable impact – at least 3 trees are planted per treatment

The way to legs like Marylin Monroe

  • Arrange appointment

    Arrange a consultation consultation appointment online.

  • Medical consultation

    On the spot, we will ask you everything about your vein problems and rule out any contraindications to treatment during the consultation.

  • Ultrasound examination

    Afterwards we do an ultrasound examination of your veins in order to detect any venous weakness requiring treatment at an early stage.

  • Treatment

    After thorough disinfection, we will rid you of superfluous spider veins by injecting the sclerosing agent made of ethoxysclerol into the affected vein.

  • Optional application of a compression stocking

    If necessary, a compression stocking will be applied (please have this prescribed by your family doctor beforehand and take it with you).

  • Make control appointment

    For an optimal aesthetic result, we arrange a follow-up appointment in 2-3 weeks.

Cost of spider vein removal at GoAesthetic

  • Initial consultation with ultrasound diagnostics
  • + additional vein foam sclerotherapy
  • Vein foam sclerotherapy (incl. 1 control appointment)

What speaks against treatment (contraindications):

What do you need to consider?

Before treatment:

  • Prescription of a Class II compression stocking through the primary care physician to improve the cosmetic result.

  • No active inflammation in the area to be treated.

  • Blood-thinning medications should be paused (Attention: Before doing so, be sure to consult with your family doctor or us).

After treatment:

  • Walk for at least 20 minutes after the treatment.

  • Wearing a compression stocking class II for 10 days – in certain cases this can be waived.

  • No solarium or sauna for 2 weeks.

  • No strong direct sunlight on the legs for 2 weeks.

Still questions about removing spider veins? Our FAQ section cannot replace a consultation, but is intended to provide initial guidance.

There is a widespread misconception that compression stockings must be worn after vein treatment. This is not true! The fact is: sometimes it makes sense to wear stockings for 2 weeks. It all depends on the treatment and the symptoms. Important: No sun exposure to the treated area for 10 days, otherwise skin discoloration may occur.

Because spider veins can lead to larger varicose veins and later to painful phlebitis or skin damage. Because any tortuous, visible vein on your legs can have a cause that will worsen the vein condition if you don’t do anything about it.

Your body has a deep and superficial venous system. In the course of vein sclerotherapy, we treat only the superficial veins that are responsible for the annoying spider veins or varicose veins. If broken venous valves are the cause, the affected sections of the vein should be removed. Because: Your body can well do without the pathologically changed veins, as they are the source of thrombosis and inflammation and have lost their original function.

Yes, of course! But here’s the problem: aside from surgery, none is as effective as foam sclerotherapy. Some doctors treat spider veins superficially with laser, but unfortunately countless studies have shown that foam sclerotherapy is superior to laser treatment. And if you think that laser treatment is painless, you are wrong. For spider vein removal, higher wavelengths of the laser must be chosen, which makes the treatment much more noticeable than laser hair removal.

You should treat diseased veins sooner rather than later. Length, course and location are important factors in deciding which procedure to choose for treatment. We will be happy to advise you on this during a discussion.

Remove spider veins – still questions? Simply make a personal consultation appointment online.