Wrinkle treatment with Botox in Vienna

Free yourself from wrinkles on your face and experience a feeling of silky-smooth skin through targeted relaxation of facial muscles using Botox.

  • Feel younger as your wrinkles disappear with a targeted injection of Botox

  • Keep your natural facial expressions despite youthful skin

  • Prevent deep wrinkles as you age by relaxing stressed areas of the face

Strahlendes Gefühl durch die Behandlung mit Muskelrelaxans


2-4 days

Intervention duration

10-15 minutes

Visible effect

3-5 months

Recommended treatment



0 days

Pain (0-10)


Trees planted

Written & medically reviewed by:

Written & medically reviewed by:

<a href="https://www.goaesthetic.at/en/dr-peter-herndlhofer/">Dr. Peter Herndlhofer</a>

When your cheerfulness is drawn on your face….

Found another wrinkle when looking in the mirror? Whether you’re prone to lively facial expressions or you’re a year older, sooner or later the first fine lines will form on your face. Lines become wrinkles. wrinkles to unwanted wrinkles. All quite natural consequences of the aging process, which already starts in the early 20s! But the sooner you do something about it, the later deeper wrinkles will form.

Through targeted injection of botulinum toxin (= Botox), we can relax highly stressed facial muscles so that your mimic wrinkles are smoothed out. And unbelievable, but true: By a Botox treatment you even prevent the development of new wrinkles! Act in time and prevent the formation of wrinkles!

How is Botox used to treat wrinkles

Before we understand the answer, we must first look at how facial wrinkles form. A dynamic facial crease is created as the underlying muscle contracts. Botox decreases exactly this movement of the muscle. The result: fewer wrinkles can form and the affected skin smoothes out. The fear of looking injected is completely unfounded, as Botox only decreases muscle movement and does not add volume. Wrinkles also often occur due to unconscious overactivity of the muscle. Example: Drooping corners of the mouth. Overactivity causes the corner of the mouth to droop and makes you look sad. Here, the smallest amounts of Botox work wonders, so that the corner of the mouth moves up again.

The strength of Botox is certainly in smoothing wrinkles in the upper third of the face, as we can quickly achieve visible results for you there. However, it can be used just as successfully for excessive sweating or migraines. Learn more in the FAQ section – read on here.

Faltenfrei durch die Injektion von Muskelrelaxans

“Botox has a huge advantage, which other treatments for smoothing wrinkles do not have. It prevents new wrinkles from forming. Botox treatment is therefore 2-in-1: wrinkle smoothing and prevention.”Dr. Peter Herndlhofer

Why we are your No. 1 for Botox treatment in Vienna

Preserving your natural facial expressions is our top priority. However, we know from experience that sometimes fine corrections with tiny amounts of Botox are necessary after the 1st treatment. At GoAesthetic, we re-correct fine wrinkles in the treated area within 7 days at no charge. In addition, it is close to our hearts to make the world a bit more beautiful. On the one hand, by using the only Botox that does not require refrigeration for storage, which saves a lot of CO2. And on the other hand, we plant several trees per treatment to improve our climate.

As you can see, we’re about more than just ridding you of wrinkles. Together with you we beautify our planet! Become part of our community!

What treatments with Botox® are available at GoAesthetic?

Many people now know that Botox is ideal for smoothing expression lines on the forehead or at the side of the eyes. But we are sure that you are not yet familiar with some of the following treatments:

  • Masseter treatment with Botox: This treatment helps with teeth grinding by relaxing the chewing muscle. It is also ideal for anyone who wants to reduce the jaw muscles and achieve a softer facial contour (facial slimming).
  • Gummy smile correction with Botox: Perfect for a more natural smile if you are bothered by excessively visible gums when smiling or speaking.
  • Lip flip with Botox: Here your lip is slightly flipped upwards without hyaluronic acid or additional volume, making it look fuller and more sensual. Especially for all those who want to subtly and naturally enlarge their lips.

  • Brow lift with Botox:
    A refreshed look thanks to the gentle lifting of your eyebrows with Botox. This treatment is ideal for revitalizing tired eyes and creating a fresh appearance.

Surprised? Don’t worry, all treatments are not new, but have been tried and tested for years and are even partly included in the guidelines for treatment with Botox.

Which treatments can you combine Botox® with

At a young age, Botox does an excellent job of smoothing out expression lines. Later, a combination with other treatments is often necessary. Botox also often requires supportive measures in the midface when removing wrinkles. Good complements are:

  • Hyaluronic acid injections
    A combination with hyaluronic acid is ideal, especially for wrinkles at the corners of the mouth or fine lip lines.
  • Microneedling or Vampire Lifting: Is a full-face approach used to remove fine facial lines and wrinkles. It is a good complement to Botox, especially for deeper wrinkles, as it reduces wrinkles and improves the appearance of the skin.

  • Profhilo injections
    Profhilo is a perfect addition for anyone who wants a fresher face. This is because the high-percentage hyaluronic acid floods the entire face with moisture – for a visible effect at any age.

  • Thread lift
    Our soft thread lift is an ideal complement for lifting sagging facial skin – the perfect age group is between the early 30s and late 40s.

Your advantages of a Botox treatment at GoAesthetic


We use a Botox without complex proteins, so after several cycles of treatment the effect is like the first time.


Preserving your natural facial expressions is our top priority.

Highly effective

We promise fast and long-lasting results – we treat small fine corrections free of charge for up to 2 weeks.


Our preparation from the Merz company has been on the market since 2005 and was previously clinically tested for many years (FDA approval).

Environmentally friendly

It is currently the only Botox that does not require refrigeration during transport and storage – so we save vast amounts of CO2 compared to other products.

How does a treatment with Botox

  • Arrange appointment

    With just a few clicks you can arrange your consultation online.

  • Medical consultation

    We will look at your affected facial areas together and discuss treatment goals.

  • Preparation

    Now it’s time to laugh, scowl and frown – the affected areas of the face are marked.

  • Treatment

    By injecting Botox , we rid you of your superfluous wrinkles.

Botox costs at GoAesthetic

Important info about wrinkle treatment with Botox:

Faltenfreie Schönheit durch Muskelrelaxantien für Mann und Frau

What do you have to keep in mind during treatment?

Before treatment:

  • Blood-thinning medications should be paused (but be careful: consult your family doctor or us beforehand).

  • We do not perform Botox treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding – at that time there are more important things than individual wrinkles.

After treatment:

  • The application of make-up & co is possible immediately.

  • No sport on the same day.

  • Avoid extreme heat such as sauna, steam bath or solarium for 7 days.

  • No massages or cosmetic treatments on the face for the next few days.

Any questions? Our FAQ section cannot replace a consultation, but it should give you some initial guidance.

You will see the result within 2 – 3 days – with Botox preparations from other manufacturers it takes between 4 – 7 days. You will see the maximum effect after about 10 days. The effect lasts about 4 months, depending on how pronounced your wrinkles were in the treated area. If some providers promise you a longer effect, I would be a bit skeptical. Because no matter which Botox preparation the duration of action is approximately the same.

You have mild or moderate wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes? Then we can easily smooth them out. On the other hand, if you have long-standing expression lines, you should consider combining them with other wrinkle smoothing methods. Hey, hyaluronic acid fillers are a perfect complement – as well as for lip injections. In this procedure, Botox is used to create a lip flip. If you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on possible combinations. Have you heard of bunny lines or a strawberry chin? Botox is also the number 1 miracle cure for this.

Yes. Because with the help of several Botox injections, we can inhibit the formation of sweat in your armpit. No more annoying underarm odor. The result lasts about 4 months and can be recommended especially in the hot season. However, since some injections are necessary, we apply an anesthetic cream beforehand, so you won’t feel the treatment.

Yes. Meanwhile, there are already concrete guidelines based on scientific studies where so-called trigger points are for migraine. If these points are injected with Botox, the headaches also disappear. The positive side effect: Some trigger points are located where we also smooth facial wrinkles. So it also helps you to have a smoother skin.

Treatment of migraine with Botox is very effective, but there are many trigger points that are responsible for the pain of migraine. If all points were injected, the treatment can quickly become expensive. We inject the most common trigger points with a few units of Botox so that we can target which points are most effective. So you save money and time.

Both hyaluronic acid and Botox can smooth wrinkles. However, this happens in completely different ways. Botox smoothes wrinkles by weakening the movement of the muscle under the skin. This prevents wrinkles from forming in the first place. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid creates additional volume under the wrinkle so that the wrinkle disappears. It is virtually balanced and the skin is leveled.

Now you understand why Botox is a liquid, but hyaluronic acid is a jelly-like gel. Depending on the type, it can be rather viscous or as jelly-like as pudding. With Botox, a face can never look puffy or sprayed on – with hyaluronic acid it can, if you overdo it.

Botox is optimal for dynamic facial wrinkles. That is wrinkles that appear very early in age due to facial movements. These include:

No long-term undesirable side effects are known with Botox from the Merz company. The active ingredient is 100% degraded by your body after some time. You may get small swellings or bruises after the treatment, but they will disappear after a short time. We can usually fine-correct minor wrinkle smoothing irregularities with a gentle follow-up treatment.

Through targeted injection, we can optimally treat the desired region with the appropriate amount. This way, you keep a natural facial expression – without it looking mask-like or rigid. Of course, if you always want the maximum dose every 2-3 months, your wrinkles will be gone, but so will probably be your natural laugh! Both are possible – you decide.

With regular injections of Botox, your body can create antibodies against it. This reduces or completely eliminates the effect. The solution against it: From the 1st treatment, use the purest preparation with the lowest percentage of foreign proteins. We use the preparation of the Merz company with the smallest amount of foreign proteins.

With frequent injections of products, your immune system may react to the foreign proteins by forming antibodies. If we now treat your face areas with it, these neutralizing antibodies can completely cancel the effect. The result: no effect and your wrinkles remain. That is why at GoAesthetic we use the Botox with the least amount of foreign proteins. This is the smallest risk that your treatment will not work.

More questions? Simply make a personal consultation appointment online.


Last updated: 02.01.2024