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Here we answer the most common questions customers ask us before a visit.

Question not found? No problem! Simply contact us directly by e-mail(office@goaesthetic.at) or by phone at +43 6811 072 62 12.

Treatment questions

Our focus is in the field of aesthetic medicine. That means we offer treatments that will make you and your individual beauty shine in a new light. For example, do you like to look a few years younger, then check out
or other
hyaluronic acid injections
injections. And what few people know: The injection with
in your 20s is the most effective way to prevent wrinkles! Because this prevents them from arising in the first place.

If you are plagued by blemished skin or brownish spots on your face, you might consider a
(the treatment from Hollywood with the unique glow effect afterwards) or our medicinal
fruit acid peelings
could be interesting for you. Keyword scars: Be sure to check out our
with the Dermapen. This is different from all conventional microneedling and is used by doctors worldwide to smooth scars.

As you can see, whether you have a few too many years, wrinkles or scars, or simply blemished skin – we will find the right treatment. And so that your beautiful skin comes afterwards so correctly to the validity, we free you by means of
laser hair removal
permanently from unwanted hair on the face and body. Because with the help of our medical laser, you’ll never have to shave again!

Yes. Currently, we offer free consultations on any treatments. On site we also have lots of info material that you can take home or give to friends.

It depends on your treatment. This is because certain treatments require several repetitions to achieve optimal results and others only need to be performed once. However, in the info boxes at the beginning of each subpage you will find a first orientation guide.

This is highly dependent on the treatment. Here, too, the info box at the beginning of the respective subpage of the treatment gives you a first hint how the interval between the treatments should be. To do this, simply go to the “Treatments” section on our homepage and select the desired treatment.

Often you need to pay attention to a few things before and after treatment. However, this depends on the treatment area and the treatment itself. In general, with many treatments, you should avoid exercise, intense heat, or direct sunlight the day of treatment afterwards. Just look on our homepage under the point “Treatments”. At the bottom of each treatment page you will find all the instructions on what to do before and after.

Whether microneedling or injections – when it comes to treatments with needles, many believe that they are particularly painful. However, most treatments are not painful, although of course pain is something that is very individual. However, in case of doubt, a local anesthetic cream or anesthetic injection can be used for quite a few treatments. By the way, most of our customers do not find our laser treatments unpleasant either.

Appointment questions

Yes, an appointment is also possible without prior arrangement. However, since we take enough time for our customers, you may have to wait longer without an appointment.

Yes, to do this, simply send an e-mail to office@goaesthetic.at or call +436811 072 62 12 and make a personal appointment.

Yes, by appointment. Please write us your desired date via our contact form or via e-mail to office@goaesthetic.at. After that, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For certain treatments, home visits in Vienna are also possible for an additional fee. Please inquire by phone, e-mail or contact form. Home visits outside Vienna are only possible in the western and southern suburbs of Vienna. If you are unsure, just send us a message!

No, not under normal circumstances.

Please be sure to cancel appointments 24 hours in advance if you can’t make it. Otherwise we have to charge an expense allowance of 75,00 €. Remember: We plan enough time for everyone, and if you don’t show up despite an appointment, you’re taking away someone else’s appointment even though you can’t.

You can cancel appointments by phone, by contact form on our homepage or by e-mail 24 hours in advance.

Payment questions

We accept all major credit cards, Applepay, Googlepay, Unionpay, Maestro as well as cash.

In principle, no. However, we accept cash and all major debit and credit cards.

Yes, but currently this is not yet possible for all treatments. If you are interested in paying in installments, please contact us at office@goaesthetic.at or via our contact form.

Yes. If you do not cancel your appointment in time 24 hours before your treatment, we have to charge an expense allowance of 75,00 €. Because please keep in mind: We take enough time for everyone and if you cancel in time, we can squeeze in another appointment that way.

No, for the sake of the environment, we do not use paper. Because let’s face it: most of the time they just end up in the trash anyway. Invoices, findings and explanations will be sent to you by e-mail in compliance with DSGVO.

General questions

It’s best to either take the subway to the U3 Neubaugasse station (5 walk) or the U4 to Kettenbrückengasse station – from there it’s one lane shorter. Alternatively, the 13A from the main station or the 14A from Reumannplatz stops directly at the Haus des Meeres. The bus station is about 300m away from us.

Yep. A few parking spaces are available on foot in the short-stay parking zone. Attention: The short term parking zone is from Mo-Fr from 9-22 o’clock. An underground car park is just under 350m walk away(https://www.bestinparking.com/de/at/garage/garage-mahue77).

Yes. The nearest larger bicycle stand is located at Magdalenenstraße No. 2 about 150m from the Institute.

Yes. But please keep in mind: In times of COVID do not bring the whole family to the appointment or consultation. However, for some treatments, the accompanying person cannot be present and must take a seat in the waiting area during the treatment.

Yes, there is a toilet. There is also plenty of room to put on makeup and freshen up.

Yes. The entrance is barrier-free, but we must point out that the use of the toilets is not barrier-free due to the old building.

No, there is no freely accessible WLAN at our company.

Yes. There you will find regularly selected discount promotions and before and after pictures of treatments. Just subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss anything. You can find the link here:

Last updated: 10.02.2023