Forehead wrinkles

“Don’t look like that, it just makes wrinkles!” There is more to this statement than you think. Because the face is a mirror of your emotions. Whether you raise your eyebrows or frown – if you tend to make lively facial expressions when you speak, sooner or later you’ll see it. But what can you do? And how do you prevent facial wrinkles? You can find out the answers here.

  • Forehead wrinkles are dynamic wrinkles. That is, they come, depending on the desired facial expression. Others, like the nasolabial or marionette lines, you can’t affect. You stay. Whether you are laughing, looking sad or angry.

  • People move their eyebrows or forehead quite unconsciously when they speak. The result: wrinkles on the forehead appear early. Nevertheless, they can’t be stopped anyway. But slow down!

Treating forehead wrinkles