Remove dark circles in Vienna

Dark circles under the eyes are often perceived as annoying or unpleasant, as they make the face look tired and older than it actually is. To look fresh and rested in the morning, there are various methods to effectively remove or reduce dark circles. We will help you to finally leave these shadows behind and give your face more freshness.

  • Give your face back the freshness you desire thanks to hyaluronic acid.

  • Whether it’s a change in color, fine lines or a deep pit – choose the right treatment depending on the cause to smooth out your dark circles.

  • Not all dark circles can be improved, because it depends on the cause.

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Intervention duration

10-15 minutes

Visible effect

9-18 months

Recommended treatment



0 days

Pain (0-10)


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Injection of dark circles with hyaluronic acid in Vienna

You know that moment when the mirror tells a story of sleepless nights even though you feel rested? Or have you already tried countless cosmetics with vitamin C or bleaching creams to no avail? Fortunately, we have another solution that can help you: Injections with hyaluronic acid. You can regain your refreshed, youthful look in just a few minutes. Does it work? Yes, depending on the type of dark circles. Ready to find out more? You can find all the information here.

Why hyaluronic acid injections are so effective

To understand why hyaluronic acid injections are an effective method of removing or reducing dark circles under the eyes, we need to take a look at hyaluronic acid. This is because it is naturally an important component of our skin, where it acts as a natural moisture reservoir to give our skin the elasticity it needs. However, the body’s own hyaluronic acid content decreases over time. The result is wrinkles on the face and shadows under the eyes.

Now the good news: with a professional hyaluronic acid injection we can start right here. The targeted introduction of hyaluronic acid into the affected skin areas restores lost volume and plumps up the skin from the inside out. The result? A fresher, rejuvenated appearance that still looks natural.

What is special about this method is not only its immediate effect, but also its tolerability. As hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin, intolerances or allergies are extremely rare.

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“Injections are not always suitable. It’s important to have realistic expectations and not to believe all the pictures on Instagram & Co. Too much hyaluronic acid or incorrect application can lead to significant problems.”Dr. Peter Herndlhofer

Injecting dark circles with hyaluronic acid:
Before – After pictures

You have probably already seen some before and after pictures on social media and the internet of dark circles that have been treated with hyaluronic acid. One problem with this is that no one shows what the dark circles look like after months. This is because hyaluronic acid is often injected too close to the eye. The consequences can be terrible swelling below the eye area. Lymphatic drainage can improve this, but it is usually best to dissolve the injected region using hylase.

It becomes even more problematic if the removal of substances via the lymphatic system is impaired due to incorrect application – whether by using the wrong filler, injecting too much or injecting in the wrong region (watch out for bags under the eyes!). What should we learn from this? Not every before and after picture of dark circles is an indication of a satisfactory long-term result, as the problems can only become visible in retrospect if applied incorrectly. And nobody likes to show that.

Your advantages of injecting dark circles under the eyes at GoAesthetic


We only use hyaluronic acid fillers with anesthetic for a treatment that you hardly feel.

Highly effective

Results for 9 – 18 months, so you can enjoy it longer.


We use the only hyaluronic acid product approved in Europe for the eye region. Because safety has priority.


Preserving your natural facial expressions is our top priority.

Procedure for hyaluronic acid injections for dark circles at GoAesthetic

  • Arrange appointment

    Arrange a consultation or treatment appointment online now. A medical consultation costs 140 €. However, you can credit 50 € to all future medical treatments.

  • Medical consultation

    We will discuss the treatment goals and your wishes together on site. Dark circles, wrinkles or discoloration? Unfortunately, not every wish can be realized for every person.

  • Preparation

    After thorough disinfection, we free you from dark circles by injecting hyaluronic acid. The good news is that we use fillers with anesthetic, so you hardly feel the treatment.

  • Treatment

    The injection only takes a few minutes, depending on the desired treatment. You can look forward to immediately visible results for 9 – 18 months.

Removing dark circles under the eyes: costs at GoAesthetic

Treat dark circles: Important information

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What do you need to consider when removing dark circles?

Before treatment:

  • No active inflammation in the area being treated (e.g.: acne, cold sores). If you are prone to fever blisters, we will prophylactically prescribe you a medication 2 days before.

  • Blood-thinning medications should be paused (Attention: Before doing so, be sure to consult with your family doctor or us).

  • We do not perform hyaluronic acid treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding – at that time there are more important things than individual wrinkles.

After treatment:

  • Wear glasses? Make absolutely sure that the glasses do not sit on the treated area.

  • No excessive sports for 2 days.

  • Avoid strong heat (sauna, steam bath, solarium, sunbathing) for 1 week.

  • No radiofrequency treatments in the next 1-2 months – otherwise you will lose your effect.

Questions about removing dark circles? Our FAQ section is no substitute for a consultation, but it does provide some initial guidance.

Removing dark circles is often the result of a combination of professional treatment and adjusted lifestyle habits.

  • Hyaluronic acid injections: Did you know that volume is lost below the eye area as the skin ages? And it is precisely this treatment that fills the deficit under the eyes and can significantly reduce deep shadows and hollows. The result? An alert and fresh look.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits: Little sleep, lack of fluids and certain foods can aggravate dark circles.
  • Creams and serums: Products with vitamin C, retinol or peptides can stimulate blood circulation and brighten the skin. And they also help with anti-aging.
  • Nutrition and hydration: A balanced diet with plenty of vitamin K and iron and adequate hydration can reduce dark circles.

You will notice the first changes immediately after the treatment. However, the full result unfolds within the next few days when the hyaluronic acid is optimally distributed and has combined with the surrounding tissue fluid. In the first few days, the eye area may appear slightly swollen in rare cases.

The duration of effect can vary from person to person, based on factors such as skin type and age. On average, you will enjoy your fresh look for 9 – 18 months. We can then carry out a refresher course if required. The good news is that hyaluronic acid injections for dark circles have a significantly longer duration of action than lip injections or marionette line injections. This is because the eye region is less stressed during facial expressions.

Not all dark circles are suitable for injections. Hyaluronic acid injections often offer little benefit for skin discoloration similar to pigment spots or age spots or very sagging bags under the eyes. In such cases, alternative treatments or combination therapies are a good alternative.

Yes, it can! For an all-round rejuvenated facial experience, hyaluronic acid injections can often be combined with other aesthetic procedures. For example, treatments with Botox or skin-tightening procedures such as radiofrequency microneedling could be considered. Other hyaluronic acid injections such as the Skinbooster Profhilo can also provide additional freshness and facial skin rejuvenation. It is important to take individual needs and requirements into account. We will be happy to advise you on site.

More questions? Simply make a personal consultation appointment online.


Last updated: 15.01.2024