Lip injections: Lips to fall in love

With lip fillers, we give delicate lips more volume for a sensual mouth area.

  • Individual lip beautification through gentle contouring

  • Naturally fuller lips for a harmonious appearance

  • Gives your smile a sparkling red glow



Intervention duration

10-20 minutes

Visible effect

5 – 8 months

Recommended treatment



0-1 day

Pain (0-10)



from 220 €

Trees planted

Written & medically reviewed by:

Written & medically reviewed by:

Full lips as an ideal of beauty:
Why more and more women in Vienna are getting lip injections

Do you desire sensual lips? Does your upper lip disappear when you laugh? But you say no to the dinghy because you don’t want to risk a fat lip? The numbers speak for themselves: from year to year, more and more women are having their lips embellished. Currently highly trendy: voluminous lips such as russian lips. And this is understandable: full lips are considered sensual and beautiful. But where is the limit? Because you probably don’t like to look contrived after you’ve been sprayed, like you’ve flown off the handle. We’ll show you how to do it. Without nodules. Without bruises. And the most important: without duckbill mouth.

Naturalness is individual:
for whom is lip augmentation suitable

Did you know that the ideal mouth occupies about 10% of the lower third of the face? Provided you trust the studies of a team of doctors from California. And we know: A larger lower lip in relation to upper is perceived as harmonious and beautiful. But which lips you consider perfect, you define alone! Because what already seems artificially inflated for Sophie is too little for Anna. The decision is yours. We discuss on site what your wishes are.

Sinnliche Lippen mittels Lip flip

“From pout, Russian Lips to Lip Flip – we fulfill almost all wishes. Because by injecting your lips with hyaluronic acid filler, we conjure up distinctive lips for an attractive smile.”Dr. Peter Herndlhofer

Fuller lips with hyaluronic acid

Through hyaluronic acid, we give your lips more volume for an accentuation of the natural lip contour. Because would you have thought that a part of your lips is named after the God of love? Cupid bow. This is the name of the central, arc-shaped borderline of the upper lip red, which we emphasize with targeted lip injections. In doing so, we take advantage of an important property of hyaluronic acid fillers. Namely: the good tissue integration. As a result, we create an even lip appearance during lip filling – without lumps or nodules. And depending on your lip preference, we will customize the filler and technique to give you a unique, natural lip shape.

Curious now? Then make your appointment at GoAesthetic for lip augmentation.

Treatment result after lip injections

The desired result after lip injections is visible immediately after the first treatment. Usually, the lip looks slightly swollen immediately after the injections, so the lip volume will decrease for the next 1-2 days. As a rule, the effect of the treatment lasts from 3 to 6 months. This depends mainly on two factors. First, the type and amount of hyaluronic acid used. Because there are more liquid and more solid hyaluronic acid fillers. And secondly, the previous number of injections. Because: With frequent injections of higher amounts of hyaluronic acid, we observe longer-lasting effects.

Your advantages of lip injections Vienna at GoAesthetic


Fuller lips for a harmonious appearance

Low pain

Fillers with anesthetic & an additional anesthetic injection allow for a gentle treatment


Defining the lip contour for a sparkling smile


Medical expertise and quality fillers from the Merz company guarantee you safe treatment


Luxurious atmosphere of well-being to relax

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable impact for you and our environment – more than 4 trees are planted per treatment

Treatment procedure of your lip enhancement at GoAesthetic

  • Arrange appointment

    Make your consultation appointment online right here.

  • Medical consultation

    Russian Lips, Lip Flip or just more volume – you tell us about your wishes on the spot.

  • Treatment (+ local anesthesia)

    After a local anesthetic injection and thorough disinfection, we realize your dream lips. Good news: Due to the additional anesthetic in the filler, you hardly feel the lip injections.

  • Result

    Done! Clear the way for your new smile – lip injections last between 5 – 8 months.

Cost of Lip Filler in Vienna at GoAesthetic

  • 1ml Hyaluronic acid + Lip Flip
    420 €
  • 1ml hyaluronic acid injection
    320 €
  • Lip Flip (without hyaluronic acid)
    from 220 €
  • + Lifting drooping corners of the mouth
    65 €
  • Simultaneous wrinkle treatment with Botox
    5% discount
Lippen auffüllen ohne Hyaluronsäure

What do you have to consider with Lip Filler?

Before treatment:

  • Did you know that the shape of the chin and the frontal chin line also have a major influence on how your mouth and lip injections are perceived? If you have a receding chin or a weakly defined chin line, a chin correction with hyaluronic acid or a Jawline injection can also help to improve the appearance of your mouth.

  • No active inflammation in the treated area (e.g.: fever blisters). If you are prone to fever blisters, we will prophylactically prescribe you a medication 2 days before.

  • Blood-thinning medications should be paused in time (but be careful: consult your family doctor or us beforehand).

  • We do not perform treatment with hyaluronic acid during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

After treatment:

  • No hot drinks for the next few hours.

  • No excessive sports on the same day.

  • Avoid strong sun exposure and solarium visits for 1-2 days.

  • 1 week break for steam bath and sauna visitors.

Questions about lip injections? Our FAQ section is not a substitute for a consultation, but offers you some initial guidance.

Yes! Unfortunately, we always see customers who come with sprayed lips from other stores where doctors do not work. Risks of the treatment are often concealed. And sometimes fillers are used that do not meet the medical standard. Please remember: Medical knowledge is a prerequisite for minimizing the risk of complications and injecting a harmonious lip appearance! If you are not satisfied with the result elsewhere, we can correct your lips, for example, to restore your original lip shape. Provided: Hyaluronic acid was used.

A slightly swollen lip after treatment is very common. Whether injecting nasolabial folds or eye wrinkles, we cannot always prevent bruising 100%, even when treating your lip. We have a good understanding of anatomy, but sometimes it happens to us too. A very rare side effect is the formation of lumps or granulomas in the lip. You can find further questions in this FAQ section.

The main risk is that the hyaluronic acid is injected into an arterial blood vessel. You will now ask yourself: And what happens then? In the worst case, this can cause the surrounding tissue to die over time, as the blood supply is “blocked” by the hyaluronic acid in the vessel. It is important to recognize this in time and to do something about it. Experienced doctors see a vessel occlusion relatively soon after the injection or can correctly interpret the first signs after 24 hours and know what to do. Because the good news is that there is an antidote. See the FAQ section “Hylase” below.

If after lip injections everything was fine and you did not feel any lumps, then the reason for late lump formation may be your immune response. Banal infections or fever blisters can trigger them. The therapy of choice: antihistamine + cortisone. Both can be prescribed on site if needed.

In the past, permanent fillers were used that did not dissolve even after years. Because
The aging of the skin causes tissue and consistency to change, so that despite correct
Injection the permanent filler is suddenly in a different place after many years. Our
Solution: We use dissolvable hyaluronic acid fillers for all facial wrinkles and lips. These dissolve again so that they cannot slip after years.

By injecting Hylase into the lip, the injected hyaluronic acid can be completely dissolved
to remove the undesirable result. This is because hylase is an enzyme that produces crosslinked
hyaluronic acid into a water-like mass. Did you know: Your body produces
the enzyme itself as well.

Painful lumps in the lip that grow larger over time are called granulomas.
Sometimes these are completely broken down by the body, but often they can only be surgically
remove. But the good news: Fortunately, this complication has been eliminated by the new
Hyaluronic acid fillers have become extremely rare.

By injecting Hylase into the lip, the injected hyaluronic acid can be completely dissolved
to remove the undesirable result. This is because hylase is an enzyme that produces crosslinked
hyaluronic acid into a water-like mass. Did you know: Your body produces
the enzyme itself as well.

Hylase? Learn more here!

Hylase is the solution. The injection of Hylase allows small irregularities to be
or knobs dissolve shortly. You will find a detailed answer in the next question.

Hylase is an enzyme that can reverse any hyaluronic acid injection by dissolving the hyaluronic acid. It doesn’t matter whether marionette lines, lip wrinkles or your lips have been injected with hyaluronic acid. Only important: Hylase does not differentiate between the body’s own and foreign hyaluronic acid. If you would like to have your original lip, if you feel bulges or lumps in your lip, we can solve the problem with hylase injections. Theoretically, the injection can be performed the day after your hyaluronic acid injection. But: We often recommend waiting one to two weeks to see if any unevenness disappears on its own.

The enzyme is injected directly into the lip and within 4 hours dissolves the treated
Hyaluronic acid depot on. In rare cases, there may still be small residues of the sprayed
hyaluronic acid exist – for example, if we have used too little. We spray free of charge
the amount until the unwanted residual deposit has disappeared. But attention: Absolutely
wait until any swelling or small bruises have subsided, as swelling can be
can imitate a knot-like structure after injection.

As you now know, hylase can dissolve hyaluronic acid. And in this way, even a blocked vessel into which hyaluronic acid has been injected unintentionally can be “fixed” again. This is because the hyaluronic acid dissolves the vascular occlusion. One advantage: studies have shown that in this case the hylase does not have to be injected directly into the vessel; it is sufficient for it to be injected near the vessel. Because most of the time, the vessels are so fine that it is very difficult to hit them on purpose.

More questions about lip injections? Simply make a personal consultation appointment online.


Last updated: 11.01.2024