Frown line

Did you know that the frown line is also popularly called the thinker’s line? Because: While you concentrate, wrinkles often form between both eyebrows. This usually happens completely unconsciously! Here you will learn everything about the causes, first signs & treatment options.

  • The frown lines are dynamic wrinkles. That is, they come and go with certain facial expressions. In contrast: The nasolabial fold.

  • Thinking wrinkles are not the same for everyone. There are two different types: Horizontal and vertical frown lines.

  • The direction of wrinkles depends on the facial muscle. Interesting detail: most have either vertical or horizontal frown lines. Rarely both!

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The frown line: Simply explained!

The frown line is also called glabellar wr inkle in medical jargon – colloquially we like to call them vertical forehead wrinkles. The glabella sounds complicated, but everyone knows it. This is usually the hairless skin region between both eyebrows. The vertical or horizontal wrinkles are called frown lines there. These occur when the skin is contracted by the underlying facial muscles.

Two different muscles are responsible for this. One runs like a field hockey stick along both eyebrows. The so-called musculus corrugator supercilii. This muscle causes vertical or slightly oblique frown lines in the skin. In contrast: The procerus muscle, which runs from the forehead to the nose. When this muscle contracts, horizontal lines appear between your eyebrows. These are the horizontal frown lines – not to be confused with the horizontal forehead wrinkles above them.

When the frown line becomes a problem

You can guess the answer. They are a problem at the latest when friends or work colleagues tell you that you look angry, although you are not angry at all at the moment. This means that your facial wrinkles are an expression of your personality. And who wants to be perceived as an angry person? None.

By now you know that the frown line does not only appear when you look angry. Most of the time, you make the creases between your eyebrows completely unconsciously. For example: If you can’t read well on the screen or a text at a distance. What happens then? You squint your eyes and frown lines and crow’s feet automatically form. Another example: it’s a sunny summer day and you forgot your sunglasses. The glasses not only protect you from UV rays, but also help prevent frown lines. Because in bright sunlight you automatically squint your eyes, which in turn causes wrinkles.

When you are young, everything is no problem. Because the wrinkles are gone immediately after you make them. But even in the 20s, the first fine lines can remain. Lines become wrinkles. And wrinkles to deep furrows in the 40s. The sooner you avoid such wrinkles, the longer your friendly facial expression will remain.

What causes wrinkles between the eyebrows

As you know by now, two muscles are responsible for the formation of wrinkles: the corrugator supercilii muscle and the procerus muscle. Both contract just below your facial skin when you look angry or strained. This causes frown lines to appear. As skin loses elasticity with age, fine expression lines begin to remain on your face – even if you’re not looking angry at the moment. Wrinkles deepen into folds. And later, the sum of wrinkles is responsible for the wrinkled facial expression on your skin.

What are the first signs of frown lines

Just like lip wrinkles, frown lines also develop with age. Unbelievable, but true: Some people do not own one even at an advanced age. In other words, genetics and environmental influences certainly play a certain role. For most, however, fine lines between the eyebrows – either slightly slanted or horizontal – begin to appear as early as the mid-20s. Rarely both. Initially, you barely notice them when you take a cursory glance in the mirror. And later you already notice them in every photo. The good thing is that frown lines never appear suddenly, but form over the course of several years. And for some, fortunately, never.

When should the frown line be treated

If friends ask you why you’re looking angry again when you don’t notice anything. Or if the wrinkles between your eyebrows bother you when you look in the mirror in the morning, then you should think about treatment. Better sooner than later. Because: The sooner you start, the easier and faster the wrinkles disappear again. This is equally true for other facial wrinkles such as chin wrinkles or bunny lines.

Which treatment will get rid of the wrinkles the fastest can only be judged on the spot. In younger years, a single injection of Botox often helps. For deeper wrinkles, you should combine several treatments to get the desired wrinkle smoothing effect. The possibilities are many. From microneedling to vampire lifting, many things are possible.

Any questions? Our FAQ section has the answers!

Regular skin care or gentle peelings can delay the development of fine wrinkles in old age. Also, getting enough sleep, not drinking alcohol or not smoking will help maintain the natural elasticity of your skin and thus prevent wrinkles. But once they are there, no cream or healthy diet will help against them. But what else can you do? As simple as it sounds, wear sunglasses. Because as you know, it also protects you from squinting your eyes in bright light. And thus it prevents frown lines.

The good news: Yes. But just as with other forehead wrinkles, you’ll need some help in the form of one or more treatments. Botox injections or microneedling are the two most effective ways to get rid of your frown lines.

As you’ve already learned, a pronounced frown line by no means means that you often look angry. This is because horizontal or slightly slanted wrinkles appear between your eyebrows even when you are thinking, reading hard or in bright light outdoors. At a young age, wrinkles disappear immediately. Later, it often persists.

It depends on how pronounced it is. If you are only in your mid-20s or early 30s and have a finely pronounced frown line, it can easily be smoothed out with Botox – this costs €190 at our clinic. On the contrary, if you are already over 50, the frown line will not disappear with a single Botox treatment. Then additional microneedling is a good treatment combination. This you get from 175 €. The good thing is that with microneedling at €175 we treat all the wrinkles on the face.

Smoothing forehead, smile and frown lines with Botox at the same time costs €360 in our clinic. What is best for you can often only be judged on site.

More questions? Simply make a personal consultation appointment online.


Last updated: 20.10.2023