Strawberry chin

Even with an originally smooth and perfectly rounded chin, wrinkles, dents and bumps can form over the years. Perhaps they are hardly noticeable at first – but they are the first signs of a so-called strawberry chin.

  • You can recognize it by the dents and wrinkles that appear in the chin area – especially when you speak.

  • Women tend to do this more often than men. Because: The female face loses collagen, which plumps up the skin, particularly quickly with age.

  • A healthy lifestyle has a preventive effect. But there are also medical tricks to successfully treat a strawberry chin.

Das Erdbeerkinn und Kinnfalten mit Botox behandeln.
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The strawberry chin: Simply explained!

The word strawberry chin describes a chin that has wrinkles, dents and small bumps. That is why it is also called paving stone relief. Not only is the wavy skin surface noticeable at rest, but it also intensifies during facial movements, such as when speaking. The dimples are particularly noticeable when we press our lips firmly together. In the USA, this phenomenon is affectionately called ‘strawberry chin’, because the uneven, large-pored area on the chin is reminiscent of the surface of a strawberry.

We know the facial expression of a dimpled chin from children: When they press their lips together and thus tense their chin muscle, the skin produces small indentations. In children, the chin immediately becomes smooth again as soon as the muscle relaxes. In adults, this visual change is apparent with certain facial movements, but may also occur over time with a relaxed chin muscle and chin.

When a strawberry chin becomes a problem

In the aging process of the face, especially the chin region plays an important role. The jawline makes up about one-third of our face. If we had wishes for our appearance free, most of us would prefer that our overall appearance is proportional and harmonious together. However, advantageous areas around the cheeks, eye region and mouth are not enough for this. A fresh look is composed of many parts. Cheeks, chin, jawline and neck area always work in unison in the face and influence our charisma in their interaction.

Wrinkles on the face are actually ubiquitous signs of aging. They develop over the years in every person – sooner or later. Chin wrinkles are also part of the normal age-related changes. However, if these changes are pronounced, they can cause you to suffer more from your dimples and bumps on your chin and make you feel uncomfortable. But where do the dents come from?

What causes wrinkles and dents on the chin

A strawberry chin, sometimes referred to as a cobblestone chin, is not an uncommon occurrence. It develops in many of us as we grow older. The reason for this development: your skin becomes thinner because less collagen is formed. And the thinner skin, in turn, is closer to the chin muscle. The result: the underlying muscle structures stand out more clearly in your face. This creates a dimpled chin with small dents and wrinkles. The surface of the chin visually looks something like cellulite.

The development of a strawberry child is favored by genetic preconditions, environmental influences and hormonal changes. An unbalanced lifestyle associated with nicotine, alcohol, lots of sugar, frequent sunbathing and not drinking enough can also increase the formation of a strawberry chin. A particularly expressive facial expression also causes chin wrinkles. The good thing is that the dents on the chin do not appear overnight. They form slowly and insidiously, so that you can do something about them early on at the first signs.

What are the first signs of a strawberry chin

The first fine wrinkles and dents appear early. Initially, the change occurs only with certain movements of facial expressions and the mouth. Later, it may persist even with relaxed facial muscles. Did you know that tiny blood vessels can also open up on your chin? So-called spider veins.

At the latest between the ages of 30 and 40, any strawberry chin becomes more and more pronounced. Women are at a greater risk than men of gradually developing these wrinkles, dimples and small bumps. The reasoning is simple. Women’s skin is thinner and has a lower fat layer than men’s, so the wrinkles become visible faster and earlier. In addition, as women age, their skin loses collagen more quickly and becomes drier.

Timely treatment pays off

Our face is our business card. We all want a lively and harmonious effect of our entire personality, including our external appearance. It has a positive effect on our self-confidence. Chin wrinkles make us look older than we are. When we meet and talk to other people, we may no longer feel attractive. In this case, it may be worthwhile to opt for strawberry chin treatment. A simple and effective option is wrinkle treatment with Botox. The sooner, the better. This is because as we age, the dimples and wrinkles become more pronounced in the chin, making it often more difficult to remove or smooth them out.

Any questions? Our FAQ section has the answers!

The simplest way to smooth out a strawberry chin is to inject it with botolinum toxin (= Botox). Because it relaxes the chin muscle, which is responsible for the fine dimples and wrinkles on the chin. Alternatives to Botox would be hyaluronic acid injections or microneedling. However, both are nowhere near as effective as Botox. Another advantage is that the injection of Botox on the chin does not affect your facial expression one bit and is particularly low-risk at this point. If you would like to do something about your strawberry chin, we would be happy to speak with you on-site during a medical consultation.

A strawberry chin stands out because of its wavy surface. It is no longer soft and smooth, but has wrinkles and dents. These dents are further enhanced by facial expressions when speaking. In the aging process, subcutaneous fatty tissue slowly degrades all over the body – including the face. In some people, this makes the muscles on the chin more visible, resulting in dimples and small bumps on the chin.

A strawberry chin refers to an uneven skin condition on the chin that is usually visible without movement of the facial muscles. The skin surface, consisting of fine wrinkles and dents, resembles that of a cobblestone relief. Women tend to do this more often than men.

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Last updated: 06.02.2023