Lip Flip: The Botox® treatment in Vienna

Unleash the magic of your smile with Botox: subtle changes for a naturally beautiful smile without fillers.

  • Without additional lip volume for absolutely natural results

  • 1ml hyaluronic acid injection

  • More visible lip red for an emphasis of your lip heart

Lip Flip mit Botox


3-10 days

Intervention duration

10-20 minutes

Visible effect

3 – 4 months

Recommended treatment




Pain (0-10)


Trees planted

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Written & medically reviewed by:

The Lip Flip Technique: For Natural & Sensual Lips

Have you ever thought about how to make your lips look naturally fuller? And all this without a beak? You are not alone there! Many women wish to have a seductive smile. but worry about unnatural results that normal lip fillers can produce. Many women want a seductive smile, but have concerns about the unnatural look of many lip fillers. But watch out: There is an effective technique that emphasizes your lips in a natural way. In doing so, you neither look splashed nor is additional volume added. Curious now? Then you’ll find out right away why Botox, of all things, will help you.

Why is the Lip Flip treatment
Botox® used

Botox® is used in the lip flip to specifically relax the muscles above the lip. The result? Your lip line rotates up a bit, making your lips look fuller and more sensual. Best of all, Botox® offers a natural look – without creating weird shapes. And the whole thing is done in a short time. This is why botulinum toxin has also established itself in lip enhancement, just as it has for forehead wrinkles.

Sinnliche Lippen mittels Lip flip

“After a Lip Flip, the lips look fuller, even though no additional filler was injected into the lip. This allows for naturally larger lips. With no downtime and no beakiness.” Dr. Peter Herndlhofer

This is how lip augmentation by Lip Flip works

You want fuller lips, but in a natural way and without hyaluronic acid? This is where the Lip Flip with Botox® comes in. We use a small amount of Botox to specifically relax the lip muscle. The result: your lip line lifts gently and your lips look visibly fuller. Sounds interesting? In the next section we will reveal what the final result looks like.

Treatment result after lip injections

Imagine your lips looking fuller and more sensual, but everything looks natural. This is exactly what the Lip Flip offers! Shortly after the treatment you will notice a delicate lift that gives your lips that special something. And the best part? It only takes a few minutes and the results stay for months. Therefore, the Lip Flip is a good alternative or even supplement to the normal injection with hyaluronic acid. It looks more natural and involves fewer risks. And in addition, you are immediately socially acceptable, since there is usually no swelling.

Your advantages of lip injections Vienna at GoAesthetic


Natural emphasis of your lip contour while maintaining volume. Thus, splashed lips are a thing of the past.


Fuller lips for a harmonious appearance


No downtime because unlike traditional injections, the risk of swelling & bruising is significantly lower.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable impact for you and our environment – more than 4 trees are planted per treatment

Treatment procedure of your lip enhancement at GoAesthetic

  • Arrange appointment

    Make your consultation appointment online right here.

  • Medical consultation

    Is a Lip Flip suitable for you or would you rather have a hyaluronic acid injection? You tell us on the spot about your wishes and we advise you what is more suitable for you.

  • Treatment

    The treatment lasts only a few minutes. We admit: The lip area is sensitive, which is why you will feel the sting minimally. But unlike injections with hyaluronic acid, the treatment is over quickly, so it is suitable even for anxious and sensitive people.

  • Result

    You will see the result only in a few days, because the effect of Botox is not immediate.

  • Control

    In 10-14 days, you’ll come in for a follow-up visit, where we’ll re-inject Botox at no charge for an even bigger lip flip, if desired.

Lip Flip costs in Vienna at GoAesthetic

What our clients say after lip treatments

Botox Lip Flip Behandlung

What do you have to consider with Lip Filler?

Before treatment:

  • No active inflammation in the treated area (e.g.: fever blisters).

  • Blood-thinning medications should be paused in time (but be careful: consult your family doctor or us beforehand).

  • We do not perform treatment with Botox® during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

After treatment:

  • No excessive sports on the same day.

  • Avoid strong sun exposure and solarium visits for 1-2 days.

  • 1 week break for steam bath and sauna visitors.

  • No microneedling, peeling or similar treatments in the treated area for 2 weeks.

Questions about lip injections? Our FAQ section is not a substitute for a consultation, but offers you some initial guidance.

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then a Lip Flip may be for you:

  • Want a discreet enhancement to your lip shape so your upper lip looks fuller?
  • Do you have discrete asymmetries in the upper lip area that you’d like to even out?
  • Love your already full lips but still want a little more without adding extra volume?
  • You’ve already had a hyaluronic acid injections, but you want even bigger lips?
  • Naturally large lips are important to you and you do NOT want to look sprayed?

If you can answer “YES” to one or two of these questions, a Lip Flip may be right for you. To do this, schedule a consultation online right now.

In Austria, this treatment is reserved for physicians. Nevertheless, we repeatedly encounter clients with treatments from facilities without medical staff. Sometimes these even use materials that do not meet medical guidelines. Important to know: Only medical know-how guarantees a low risk and a beautiful result. A lip flip can also often be used as a corrective measure after an injectable. Just talk to us – we will be happy to help you.

If you want even fuller lips, hyaluronic acid injections are a good choice – both as a supplement and as an alternative. Important: Do not use permanent fillers under any circumstances. These are no longer common from the current state of science due to the side effect profile. That’s why you should always be sure to ask what is being injected into the lip.

Whether a lip flip is better than lip fillers depends on your individual needs and aesthetic desires. Both treatments have their own advantages. If you are undecided, we will be happy to advise you on site.

What exactly “perfect lips” are, everyone sees differently – beauty ideals vary depending on the person and culture. According to studies, the ideal mouth occupies about 10% of the lower third of the face. Similarly, a larger lower lip in relation to the upper one is perceived as harmonious and beautiful in Central Europe. But which lip you consider perfect, only you decide!

More questions about Lip Flip treatment?

A lip flip is an aesthetic treatment that uses botulinum toxin to subtly lift the upper or lower lip and improve the smile. In this procedure, a small amount of Botox is injected into the so-called orbicularis oris muscle. That is the muscle who is surounding your mouth. This makes the upper lip more relaxed and rotates or “flips” it outward. This creates a natural improvement in the shape of the lips without adding volume.

Did you know: The lip flip also improves a slight gummy smile. We also perform a gummy smile correction with tiny amounts of Botox.

Lip Flip treatment is performed with Botox. As the effect of the Botox lasts for around 3-4 months, just like the Brow Lift, the results of the treatment can be seen for around the same length of time. However, the exact duration may vary as it depends on personal metabolism as well as dosage. If you are satisfied result, you can schedule regular refreshers. This allows the effects of the Lip Flip to be maintained.

After your wishes, ideas and concerns have been discussed in detail, the actual treatment takes only a few minutes. There are only 2-4 needle punctures per upper and lower lip, so even for anxious people the treatment is suitable due to the short duration.

We use very fine needles, so you will hardly feel the sting. But we admit: The lip region is somewhat more sensitive than other areas of the face. All the better that, unlike injections with hyaluronic acid, the treatment is very short.

No. With Botox injections, this cannot happen to you. But: If the upper lip is injected with too much hyaluronic acid and the wrong method, it can look like a beak.


Last updated: 11.01.2024