Gummy smile correction with Botox in Vienna

Does your smile show more gum than desired? Correcting the so-called gummy smile with Botox is an effective method of reducing visible gums. We help you achieve your desired smile by injecting targeted muscle relaxants into tense lip muscles.

  • Emphasize your natural smile, just as you imagine it.

  • Enjoy every smile full of self-confidence without wasting a thought on excess gums.

Gummy Smile Korrektur


2-10 days

Intervention duration

10-15 minutes

Visible effect

3-5 months

Recommended treatment



0 days

Pain (0-10)


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Perfect smile despite Gummy Smile –
Gum correction with Botox in Vienna

Your smile. It tells stories, shares joy and attracts people. But sometimes a small detail might hold you back. You know that feeling when you feel hesitant to laugh because you’re showing too much gum? Many people share this feeling. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Because modern medicine has a solution that we want to show you. It sounds so banal: Botox. Botox is not only an effective means of preventing wrinkles, it is also the key to discreetly and efficiently correcting agummy smile without any surgical intervention.

The result: no more hidden smiles in photos, no more hesitant grins. Sounds tempting? More on this in a moment.

Gummy Smile Botox

“Botox injections are particularly suitable for women with a narrow upper lip who would like a little more lip volume. This is because the correction of the gummy smile can be elegantly combined with a lip flip to create a harmonious smile.”Dr. Peter Herndlhofer

How is Botox used for Gummy Smile correction?

You have probably already heard a lot about Botox, especially about the reduction of facial wrinkles such as frown lines. But did you know: it’s also an effective way to soften an overly gummy smile?

Let’s take a quick look at the anatomy: A gummy smile often involves several muscles in the upper lip area. This is because they play a central role in the dynamics of your smile by lifting your upper lip when you smile. Sometimes, however, they lift them a little too enthusiastically, which exposes too much gum.

This is where Botox comes into play: targeted injections into these muscles can slightly reduce the activity of the affected muscles. The effect? Your upper lip no longer lifts as much when you smile, which means that less gum is visible. The entire process only takes a few minutes and the results are visible within a week. Does that sound like a good solution to optimize your smile?

Your advantages with gummy smile correction at GoAesthetic


Preserving your natural facial expressions is our top priority.


All treatment designs are based on medically sound studies that have repeatedly demonstrated excellent results.

Highly effective

Fast and long-lasting effect. If the effect is insufficient, we will treat you free of charge for up to 2 weeks.

Environmentally friendly

Our Botox is currently the only one that does not require refrigeration during transportation and storage – so it saves a lot of CO2 compared to other products.

What is the procedure for gum correction at GoAesthetic?

  • Arrange appointment

    Arrange a consultation or treatment appointment online now. A medical consultation costs 140 €. However, you can credit 50 € to all future treatments.

  • Medical consultation

    Say cheese. We look at your smile in the mirror together and assess what is possible with Botox correction and define the treatment goal.

  • Preparation

    The affected areas of the face are marked and the overactive muscles are marked.

  • Treatment

    We correct your gummy smile by injecting Botox. Afterwards you are completely fit for social life again – a treatment during your lunch break, so to speak.

  • Result

    Now it’s time to Wait and see. The complete result is visible after 10 days. Then the way is clear for your new smile. If the correction was too weak, we will inject Botox free of charge up to 2 weeks after the treatment.

Cost of a gummy smile correction at GoAesthetic

Correcting the gummy smile: Important information

Gummy Smile Korrektur Wien

What do you need to bear in mind with a Gummy Smile correction?

Before treatment:

  • A combination with other treatments, such as a lip flip, is possible. This emphasizes your natural lip volume and also improves your gummy smile.

  • Blood-thinning medication should be discontinued. Please note: Always consult your family doctor or us beforehand.

  • We do not carry out treatment with Botox during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

After treatment:

Questions about the Gummy Smile correction? Our FAQ section is no substitute for a consultation, but it does provide some initial guidance.

By selectively injecting tiny amounts of Botox above your lip, we can weaken the overactivity of your lip muscles. This is because they are responsible for pulling your upper lip up too far when you laugh and making your gums visible. In 90% of cases, we can achieve satisfactory results in this way. If correction with Botox is not enough, unfortunately the only option is surgery.

The treatment costs between 95 and 190 €. Depending on the shape of your gummy smile, different amounts of Botox may need to be used to correct it, similar to a strawberry chin. Of course, we will discuss the expected costs with you in advance. If the treatment does not have the required effect, we will inject Botox free of charge 2 weeks after the treatment.

As with any other wrinkle treatment with Botox, you should avoid strong manipulation or cosmetic treatments in the affected area for 10 – 14 days. These include massages, microneedling, peelings, laser and radio frequency treatments. You should also avoid extreme heat such as saunas and steam baths in the first few days after the treatment, as otherwise the effect may be partially lost.

As the treatment is carried out with Botox, the effect lasts for about 4 months. This duration of action is comparable to Botox injections for forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet or Masseter Botox. Important: The effect does not start immediately, but begins after 2 – 3 days. You will see the maximum effect after 10 – 14 days. This is the same for all Botox treatments.

More questions? Simply make a personal consultation appointment online.


Last updated: 01.11.2023