Collect bonus points and save money

Whether it’s a recommendation, rating or treatment – our app makes it easy for you to collect bonus points. You can convert them into Euros at any time – leaving more money for you.

  • Easy to play, collect bonus points redeemable at any time

  • Avoid annoying membership or stamp cards in your wallet

  • Be surprised with gifts for birthday and Christmas

This is how easy it is to save money with the app

  • Download app

    After downloading the app, you will automatically receive your first 5 bonus points when you log in for the first time.

  • Book treatment

    Book your 1st treatment – you can do this via the app as well as via our homepage.

  • Rate treatment

    Give us feedback on your treatment. If you do it through our app, you will receive 3 bonus points again.

  • Recommend to friends

    Were you satisfied with your treatment? Then recommend us to others! You will receive 30 bonus points after a treatment has taken place based on your recommendation.

  • Redeem bonus points

    Reunion brings joy! Redeem your points on your next visit and save money. Hey, in the best case you even get your treatment for free.

“Collect bonus points and redeem them immediately! As an exclusive GoAesthetic Member, you can redeem your bonus points in the form of a voucher for your next visit with us after just one treatment.” – Nathalie Herndlhofer

How do you collect bonus points?

  • New registration
    5 bonus points
  • Rate treatment
    3 bonus points
  • Share visit on Facebook
    5 bonus points
  • Recommend to friends*
    30 bonus points
  • From 300 € treatment costs
    6 bonus points
  • From 700 € treatment costs
    20 bonus points
  • Birthday, Christmas
    Let yourself be surprised
  • *You will receive the bonus points after a treatment has come about due to your recommendation.
  • 1 bonus point = 1 euro

Any questions? Check out our FAQ section for the answers!

Yes definitely! As you earn points before and right after your first visit. So next time in a year you can even get a treatment for free. But who knows, maybe you’ll get a taste for it and we’ll see each other more often.

Tens of membership cards or stamp passes in your wallet, but still not the right one? With our app, all you need is your smartphone! So you save space and protect the environment with one unnecessary plastic card less.

Yes. It will cost you a few seconds of your time at most to install and get started.

We use your information to provide you with the perfect treatment options that fit you. Your data will only be passed on to Ordination Dr. Peter Herndlhofer. You can find more details in our privacy policy from our app and on our homepage.