Unobtrusively striking. Magical of course.

With harmonious treatment designs, we make the first signs of aging disappear to bring your unmistakable beauty into focus.

  • Unique: Get your
    personal glamour effect

  • Beneficial: Radiate in new
    Freshness for more well-being

  • Sustainable: Enjoy the preservation of our
    Habitats – trees are planted per treatment

Tired look? Wrinkles?

How many day creams & beauty treatments of expensive branded products have you tried?
And how often has the promised success failed to materialize?

First wrinkles on the face and dark circles under the eyes as permanent guests are quite normal signs of skin aging.
And yet: A naturally younger appearance remains a much desired wish. But does it have to remain a wish?

Whether you are looking for firm & wrinkle-free skin or beautiful legs – in a unique atmosphere you will find the right treatment for you.

Individually and exactly according to your ideas. For a lasting fresher look with a lasting effect. Because in addition, with each treatment you make
our planet a bit more beautiful by planting trees.

Naturally beautiful. Beneficially unique.

It’s about more than feeling beautiful….

Relax in a unique feel-good atmosphere

Preserve the beauty of our planet – trees are planted per treatment to preserve habitats

Enjoy the luxurious treatment comfort because it is yours

Choose between gentle aesthetic procedures so that you are quickly fit for new challenges

“Stand out like a flamingo in a light blue ball gown?
Almost. We give your natural
Beauty fresh shine. No magic at all.”

The path to your personal fountain of youth

  • Make an appointment online

    A relaxed atmosphere and sufficient time – both are close to our hearts.
    That’s why we plan enough time for you at your appointment.

  • Determine your treatment design with us

    Customized treatments? Everything is possible. Based on your wishes, we will find the most suitable treatments. Before that, we can detect signs of aging at an early stage with the VISIA skin analysis system.

  • Shine even more beautiful than before

    After we have restored your beauty, enjoy the feeling of feeling good in your skin.

GoAesthetic – beautify your life

If you have a heart for beauty, you will find it everywhere – we are convinced of that.
At GoAesthetic, we take inspiration from your individual desire for aesthetics and bring your beauty to life. Without magic – but in a magical feel-good atmosphere. Mit nachhaltiger Wirkung für dich und unseren Planeten.

We are your companions on the way to more WOW moments in life. Get to know us!

About Us

GoAesthetic – App

With our app you can easily collect bonus points. Whether it’s referrals or feedback, after each treatment you can earn bonus points that will save you money on your next treatment.

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I recently had my lips injected.
I had no pain or problems after the treatment. The treatment itself was almost completely painless. The end result is beautiful and definitely more than worth seeing!
I get compliments on my lips all the time.
Thank you also for the detailed consultation – I immediately felt at ease as soon as I arrived at the surgery and will definitely be back soon! :)

Absolutely great experience. I did lip and chin fillers. The doctor was very professional and had an amazing aesthetic sense. Very friendly, explained absolutely all the details and answered all my questions. Definitely recommend!!!😍

Great team, great atmosphere, you feel very comfortable straight away.
I’ve only had laser hair removal once, but I had a good feeling and was excited to see the first results.
After years of trying everything from waxing to epilating and using the epilator almost every day (!!), I was almost desperate when I came across GoAesthetic on the Internet. The treatment is somewhat unpleasant, but I wouldn’t describe it as painful.
About 10 days after the first treatment I was close to tears of joy when I realized “wow, the third day, much less hair, the razor can rest for another day”. Seeing real results for the first time after so many years left me speechless and overjoyed. I can only warmly recommend it, it definitely gives good results. I’m really looking forward to my next visit. :-) Many thanks to the GoAesthetic team!

It was my first time at GoAesthetic for a Profhilo treatment and I was very satisfied. I was very well informed, it was painless and quick. Of course, I can’t say much about the result itself after two days because it has to take effect first, but I’m sure it was worth it :)

The procedure was as desired, great work, very natural and almost painless!
I am delighted with the result and will definitely be back. The conversation regarding my wishes was very informative and I was also given good advice!
So if you want to do something with your lips, I can highly recommend it. The practice is also very nicely furnished.

One of the best decisions here to have made my lips! I am totally afraid of blood tests, the dentist, vaccinations and lip injections. I am definitely one who hyperventilates. As an anxiety patient, you are in the best hands here. As soon as I got the first prick for the anesthetic injection, I realized that I was no longer afraid. The treatment was painless and I am overjoyed to have had the courage to undergo it. The result is fantastically beautiful. The doctor responds to all wishes and achieves the result you want. When you read this you have to decide whether you want to have your lips done there or what you want to do. The Dr. certainly does all other treatments just as well. (I heard this from patients in the waiting room) Everything is explained and every question is answered! I was so surprised that it was really painless because I was so scared it was my second time and the first time I was somewhere else doing lips where I had such pain, had bad experiences and thought I would never dare to do it again. I will never have my lips done anywhere else again!!! BEST DOCTOR FOR ALL TREATMENTS WITH HYALURON AND BOTOX
Thank you for my beautiful lips – I am extremely satisfied

Very friendly, competent doctor! Botox treatment 👌. Very nice surgery, just feel good. Will of course be back

Lip injections: I have had my lips injected several times, but this practice was absolutely the best. I didn’t have a single lump!
Wonderful practice and very very friendly team!

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If you can’t find the right treatment for you, simply select “Treatment date” in the booking system and describe what it is in the notes field.

Brief information in passing: The costs of a medical consultation are 140 €, although you can offset 50 € of this against all future treatments.

Please note that appointments can only be canceled by phone or e-mail 48 hours before the scheduled treatment. Cancellations less than 48 hours before the appointment will be charged at 90 €.